Toon Blast – Amazing Strategy and Hints That Every Player Should Know

Welcome to the biggest and most amazing puzzle game for mobile gamers, which is Toon Blast.

Peak is the one who developed the game, and there are so many things in Toon Blast that players need to know in order to progress the game and to win from the opponent.

It’s a competitive game, and those who like to play competitive games play it the whole day.

Toon Blast allows the players to play in almost every device, and if you are playing in mobile and want to shift in the tab then it can also happen easily.

You can play Toon Blast with friends online, and with the competition, the players worldwide are also a great option in Toon Blast.

There are many more things about Toon Blast that every player should know to play properly, and these things are written below –

Things to Know About Toon Blast

Don’t Use the Boosters Unless It Is Necessary


Developers have added several kinds of boosters in the game to make the game entertaining and more addictive.

Boosters are extremely helpful to the player to match the cubes, and these will help the player to clear the board.

Sometimes there in the game, so many tough levels are also available, and in these levels, players need to use the boosters.

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The only thing you need to keep in mind that you don’t need to use the boosters unless you are stuck at any tough level.

If you use it, then you will only waste the booster, and to get it again, you need to do a lot of struggle.

Reach To the Level 15 At Least

Reach to Level 15

When you begin the game, the only focus one thing that you need to reach to the 15 levels. It is because, in the 15 levels, you will unlock the reward, which is a chest reward.

Most of the player doesn’t focus on the level mission, but it is true that in level missions, you can earn great rewards and booster.

Star chest is the biggest reward of the game, and you will get it after completing every 15 levels of the game, but further rewards will be better.

In order to get the star chest reward, completing the level is the best way, and you can play it anytime.

Also, there are so many things that you can do in the game in order to earn even more rewards. Check out all such methods listed on and try to use them.

Wait and Combine Big Combos

Wait for Combos

In order to clean the board faster, you can make big combos, and it is the best way to clean the board faster and to earn rewards.

In the level there, many small blocks are available, and they will stop the player from making combos.

Combos are important, and instead of making small matches, you need to make big combos that you help you in both ways.

Simple matching happens in three cubes, but if you match more than three or rapidly one after another, then it becomes a combo. With these, you can earn a booster as well in less time.

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