Golf Rival Guide to Balls

Golf Rival can be best enjoyed if you know the balls appropriately. If you believe that the balls are a customized decorative feature of the game, then that is not correct.

All these balls play a vital role in a different game. In this guide, we will furnish you with all the details of Golf Rival Balls.

Kangaroo Balls

Kangaroo Ball

Balls with a kangaroo sign have a special effect, and that is its increment of elasticity. As the kangaroo is better in jumping, the ball also can jump a lot.

As a result, the ball goes further than the landing spot. So a Kangaroo ball hit hard goes to the farthest place, and you can reach the pot easily.

Iron Balls

Iron Ball

As the iron has a higher density, so it becomes more gravitational. An iron ball, therefore, goes less distance. The elasticity of the ball is reduced in iron balls, and it does not go far.

Bat Balls

Bat Ball

Bat balls are effective against the wind. Similar to bat, the wind effect is reduced in bat balls. When the wind speed is too high, then you must use the bat balls.

Dandelion Balls

Dandelion Ball

Dandelion Balls are much useful in the wind. When you want to go along the wind and use the dandelion balls, then the ball goes smoothly and lands at a higher distance.

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Mummy Balls         

Mummy Ball

Mummy malls are productive inside a bunker. The ball is useful when you are inside any channel or bunker, and it goes off to a safe zone smoothly.

Viper Balls  

Viper Ball

Viper Balls are mostly used in rough terrain. When you find the spots are rough and use a standard ball, then the movement is uncontrolled. There comes the use of viper balls. It goes smoothly in the rough terrain.

Gecko Balls

Gekho Ball

Finally, the Gecko Ball is the most effective one in the slope. When the slope effect reduces your efficiency in the normal ball, use the Gecko ball, and overcome the hindrance.

How to Obtain Special Balls For Free?

All the above balls can be obtained through in-app purchases, and you can spend a lot of coins after that.

But there are a few legal golf rival cheats which can give you these balls. Kingdom Seasons award and Arena offers are another way to get these balls.

When you open the platinum chest, then there is a possibility to get these balls for free. The platinum chest is expensive, but one of those chests can be obtained free. You can find all such ways to see on yourself from YouTube.

If you connect your game account with the Facebook account, then one Platinum Chest is given as a reward.

How to Change Balls

Change of balls is comfortable in the game and can be done in between a particular match. When you want to use the Special balls, go to the ball section and select them.

Your Ball will be changed as per your choice.

Final Words

After reading this post, you must have understood that golf balls are not a fancy feature of the game. Apart from decoration, you can use them according to the tips above.

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