Choices Currency Types & Game Features You Should Know About

Welcome to the new blog about the Choices Currency Types and some of the best choices game features that one should know before playing the actual game.

This guide on choices game will teach you what are the game currency types, and how they are used in the game. It also let you know some of the game features that are awesome to play.

Gaming is a favorite pastime for many people, and the internet is full of vast numbers of mobile games, but the Choices: Stories You Play is a popular one.

The game is made by Pixelberry for android and IOS mobile devices, but we can also enjoy it on a tablet. Millions of gamers are connected to getting fun and enjoyment.

The game is all about virtual life, and you can complete your fantasy with many different stories. The players can install it by the Google store of the official game website, and it is free of cost.

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Many new updates are placed on weekly, and we can add them for improvements. Below we have some choices currency types and their uses elaborated for you.

Choices Currency Types:

In the gameplay, three different currencies are used, and they are called diamonds and keys. Both are effective for enhancing our performance in the game.

Everyone is radical for collecting more amount of currency because each story needs new characters and fashion accessories.

The currency is good for buying new things and items. A lack of currency is not a good sign for us, and the players should check out the proper details of each currency.


choices diamonds

Diamonds are prime currency in the game, and the players will get it by finishing some chapters. A high amount of diamonds is good for unlocking many kinds of things.

Earning diamonds is challenging in the beginning, and the players have to stick with the basic gameplay just read more chapters to store a big amount. There are actually methods to get free diamonds in choices stories you play game that you can perform. Know all of them from portal and stick to the mentioned methods.


choices keys

The keys are unique currency, and we use it to open new chapters. Without keys, you have no right to read the chapters.

Each story has several chapters, and all of them are making our stories famous. Limelight and fame are not much easy in the beginning, and the individual should connect with worldwide players.

Extra Choices Features to Know More about the Storyline:

Features and specifications are a fine way to understand more about the game. Here we are sharing some mind-blowing features.

Elegant HD Visuals

HD graphics are giving a realistic experience, and you will also see some extra locations. The game allows us to design various things, and by the game, we can remember our school and collage time.

Every object is perfectly designed, and it is hard to find any fault.

Invite Your Online Friends 

In the game, you will meet with several friends, and you can create an account with a social account. Many players are choosing this option and enjoy the amazing journey.

Spend time with new friends and live a love life with beautiful partners. It is a virtual life, and the players have to handle many complications on relationships.

All the facts and information are enough for every new player that can be beneficial for making a big victory.

Enormous terms and conditions are shown on the screen of the game, so we must follow them for optimum results and upgrade many items to experience the reality of your life.

What do you say about these choices currency types and are they really important in the game? Which way do you prefer earning or buying them?

Let us know in the comments section and we will be happy to hear from you about the currency types and the features we have mentioned about choices game.

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