During difficult times in our lives, we all need help. If you have a good exit plan, Spacebank can help upgrade your reality.
b Take Luis Humberto who, thanks to a loan of $18000 mexican pesos from Spacebank, was able to settle his debt with a private university and complete his degree in medicine, in turn giving back to Planet Earth some of what he had been given.

Or in the case of Kiden Rose, a Gudele woman in the south of Sudan, who is in the business of beer production and the local sale of alcoholic drinks. She applied for a loan to purchase more materials and cases of beer. Kiden is 30 years old and married. With the extra earnings that this loan will bring her, she hopes to open a hotel.

Spacebank's personal loans are revised based on a specific detailed analysis adjusted to your needs, they are for 12 months or 0 days (for preferential acquisition of your work and to your measure). As a general rule we look for the best possible arrangement, watching out for your interests – that will surely become ours too.

Through the intermediation of Microplace.com and Calvert Foundation we provided a loan for micro-agriculturists and farmers in Cambodia so that they could, with our support, put their projects into motion. At the same time, we received an annual interest rate of 3% from the venture, which meant that our investors did not lose money; on the contrary, they made a few cents.