IPO Translocal Editorial Cooperative of the Fiction Department

Dear friends and investors,

Using its recent move to Brooklyn, New York to its advantage, Diego de la Vega s.a. of c.v. is launching the IPO (Initial Public Offering) of one of it's strategic centralized projects: the Department of Fiction (R&D of narrative media) http://ficcion.de. In order to capitalize on this, it will offer 12 shares (that represent 10% of its total shares) at a price of $120 USD each to expand operations and launch its translocal editorial cooperative focused on theory and narrative practice.

The purchase of said titles grant the right to co-ownership exclusively as investment, and in no case as authorial rights or exploitation or use of distinct works of art, narratives, theories or whatever other type of accommodations are found in the ficcion.de page and produced by the operations team, those belong, in their totality, to their creators. The investor as co-proprietor of the translocal editorial also shares in the solidary materialized experience of taking risks (economic gains or losses) with the rest of the investors and operators of the Fiction Department.

Likewise if any of the shareholders or any other person wishes, they can join in the distribution of publications for the translocal editorial converting their shares into products or become collaborators in the team working on the Fiction Department. Those who do not have shares can also directly acquire the material for distribution and sale, thus becoming a non-shareholder member.

The shares can be acquired through Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Citibank or Banamex. For more information write to atm@spacebank.org.