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Spacebank's Primary Mission.

To offer our virtual community a set of innovative and revolutionary ideas related to banking, speculation and investment. If you are an individual, a non-profit organization or a collective, we help you reach your objectives as long as they are in line our with our loyalty to the Pareto Efficiency Allocation Rule of achieving your goals without hurting others. We specialize in financing art, literature and tactical media projects positioned in the uncomfortable intersection of theory and practice after they are approved by our secret board of trustees.

The Philosophy of Spacebank.
Each new generation is born completely ignorant, and just as we are always only one unsuccessful harvest away from famine, we would also be in deeper ignorance if we failed to pass on knowledge to the next generation. The level of politics in a democracy cannot go further than the average level of understanding in the population. In a democracy the distribution of knowledge is as important as the distribution of wealth. Because we believe that another world is possible, we are testing another economy as well. However, in spite of its utopian character, Spacebank fulfills the capital requirements of Basel III and always relies on 7% (Tier 1) in cash and a 3% buffer in anti-cyclical capital to get through cold winters.

Proyectos beneficiados:
06/03/2009 - radio latina am
15/09/2006 - enlace zapatista
08/06/2006 - la actriz interactiva

SpaceBank es el banco de la comunidad virtual del DMS. info corporativa
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