The Digital Material Sunflower is managed by Spacebank's Digital Material Central Bank, a body with 20,000 votes that administers its reserve basket according to its current set of goals and targets that are defined by invisible stakeholders. The DMS is the official currency of the Variable Network State.

Access Points (1,500,000+ DMS): Mexico City: Nimda Commerce Bank | Access points are gateways or banks that offer full financial services to its clients and Variable Network State netizens.

Nodes (750,000+ DMS): Tijuana | Nodes are significant places where distribution of goods, production or services occur, but that are not either interested or strong enough to become an Access Point.

Money exchanges (300,000+ DMS): Brooklyn | Cancun | Liverpool | Oaxaca | San Bernardino . Money exchanges are places that support the Digital Material Sunflower, but aren't either interested or strong enough to become a node.

Old formats: Nodes (30,000+ DMS): Mexico City | Tijuana | Money exchanges (10,000+ DMS): Bogota: María Paula Lorgia | Oficina de Asuntos Extraterrestres | Dallas | Mexico City | Tecámac | Tecate | Zagreb.

Pockets (300,000 - DMS): Berlin | Mexico City | Quito | Pipa | Tijuana | Wien. Pockets are places where we know the currency exists, but not in a significant way to be part of the network in a quantifiable way.

Access Points, Banks, Nodes, Money exchanges and pockets are independently owned and are not a part of Spacebank. If you are interested in starting out a money exchange, node, or bank please write to To find out the exchange rate of the DMS in relation to more than 200 world currencies, plus all the old legacy European currencies, some world legacy currencies and even unrecognized currencies and virtual currencies (like the Bitcoin and Second Life Linden Dollar) download Apple's Currency Converter widget.