Digital Material Sunflower - (a network currency designed by
Let a hundred flowers bloom!

In 2010 the Diego de la Vega network made $17.20 USD over Google Adsense. This represents the Gross Domestic Product of 2010. In January 13 2011, 10,000 pixels were coined and by democratic vote distributed the next day using a market socialist approach: allocating the Digital Sunflowers as budget for the Diego de la Vega enterprises, that way the collectivity makes money and not the individuals directly, but thru their work. This 10,000 pixels represented a year in business and the value of each pixel was $0.00172 USD. This should generate sufficient trade to activate the economy and socialize the sunflower network coin. In march 12 2011 the Digital Material Central Bank had to artificially intervene the coin to prevent a catastrophe from crashing each of the 240 DMS in circulation to $-0.29 USD, which would mean every person holding the virtually currency would actually be indebted to the system. Because of this reason 351 Digital Material Central Bank Sunflower Seed Bonds were issued and sold to the Fiction Department to mantain the currency at the valuation of 1 DMS per $0.11 USD, the other significant adjustment was to blow the money supply from 240 to 2,400 DMS in circulation and to convert the pixel from a 10,000 of a DMS, into a 1,000 of a DMS.However on monday 13th the DMS had to be intervened to mantain the exchange rate at $0.11 USD, and this meant 1,100 DMS had to be removed from the money supply. On wednesday march 16th, without the capacity of doing any further easing the devaluation was already unstoppable, and each DMS was priced at $.05 USD, to simplify the system, each pixel was converted from being a 1,000 of a DMS, into a 100 of a DMS.

1 Pixel = 1/100 DMS (0.01) = $0.01 L$ (and each is produced in 5 minutes and 15 seconds at current Diego de la Vega speed) 110000 in circulation]

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carta constitutiva (espaƱol).
initial social distribution of DMS
introduction of palabra
Other Sunflower units to be coined someday