Financial Accounts @ Spacebank

Open your account by buying your unique Spacebank debit card deisgned by Kaho Abe and Fran Ilich for only $5 USD. It comes with your unique account number, magnetic stripe and bar code that functions within the Digital Material Sunflower nano-macro-economic system and all the Variable Network State.

For info on the exchange rate of DMS vs USD, Euros, Pesos Mexicanos, Chinese Yuan, Bitcoin, Linden Dollars (or any other global currency) check out the Brooklyn Stock Exchange or if you are mac user check out the Currency Converter widget that comes by default in Apple computers dashboard. Write us to open your account: , we accept transfers from Bitcoin, Citibank, Dwolla, Lower East Side People's Credit Union, Paypal, Second Life, Visa/Mastercard or wire transfer. And we are open to experimenting with any other form.